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Infrastructure as a Service Terms

Infrastructure as a Service: More info

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Definition of Iaas

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allows any application to be run across a wide variety of computer infrastructure (e.g. servers, storage, network) according to customer need. It is the most flexible form of cloud computing and includes such offerings as virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balancers.

IaaS can be utilised to create cost effective and easily scalable IT solutions where the complexities and expenses of managing the underlying hardware are managed by the cloud provider. If the scale of a business operations fluctuate, or expand, cloud resources and be scaled as and when needed, rather than repeated purchase, installation and setup.

Available for Linux & Windows

Our IaaS cloud service supports the broadest selection of operating systems (including Linux/Windows), programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices. You can choose to run Linux OS machines, integrate with various other apps, build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js; build back-ends for iOS, Android and Windows devices. We provide the same technologies millions of developers and IT professionals already rely on and trust.

In order to support and assist your upgrade to IaaS, we have the following environments:

Development/Sandbox Environment

This environment for development purpose is available and running from 9am to 7pm on weekdays for your proof-of-concept and compatibility simulation. Our 8×5 technical support is available to respond to any query within 4 hours of contacting us.

Testing Environment

One step after the POC, you can use the testing environment to stage or simulate the platform or application. The resources will be kept running during the entire duration of the testing, for a maximum of two month’s period. Our 8×5 technical support is available to response to any query with next business day response.

Production Environment

The resources run 24×7 with 24×7 technical support, with responses within 1 hour, hosting your production environment on the cloud is our priority!

First Class Security and Compliance

SMS Cloud provide broad security capabilities to meet the most demanding information security requirements. Our cloud infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. Our audit-friendly service features with applicable security compliance regulations or audit standards enables customers to establish and operate in a security controlled environment.

Build Faster

SMS Cloud IaaS provides elasticity and scalability, which means it speeds up deploying a VM or complete infrastructure in the cloud. This way organizations can ramp up and get the job done (and the product or service to market) more rapidly to beat your closest competitors.

Build & Replicate Indefinitely

SMS Cloud IaaS has the ability to build, replicate scale up and down quickly in response to a customer’s requirements. This on-demand scalability provides added flexibility and greater agility to respond to changing opportunities and requirements. This is especially helpful in building and dismantling test and development environments, which greatly benefit from this increased speed and agility.

Stay ahead of project

Time and money spent making technology decisions and hiring staff to manage and maintain the technology infrastructure is time not spent on growing the business. Let SMS Cloud manage your infrastructure, let your organizations focus their time and resources growing your business.

Pay per Use

The cost of creating, testing, debugging, and distributing applications goes down because you have to pay only for the computer processing time and storage space you need at a given time. Neither do customers have the responsibility of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and networking equipment, or replacing old equipment. SMS Cloud IaaS saves customers from having to buy more capacity to deal with sudden business spikes, scale up and down as needed, pay per use.

Uptime SLA 99.9%

SMS Cloud ensure 24x7x365 uptime with our robust cloud infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing manageability. If disaster strikes, employees can access the same infrastructure they have always accessed via an Internet connection, from wherever they happen to be. This includes everything the organization needs to function as usual — email, web servers and critical applications. The result: quick recovery with no loss of data.